Due to high demand, we have reached our maximum number of applications and have paused to begin processing. Applications will reopen in November if possible.

Campers for
Louisiana Hurricane Victims
The LSN Foundation provides critical shelter for both insured and uninsured hurricane victims so that they can begin the process of rebuilding and resuming life.
Louisiana Saturday Night (LSN Foundation)
sources and supplies campers for use by those affected by hurricanes Laura and Delta.

***Applications Now Open***

Insured homeowners may be entitled to a camper. We will work with your insurance company to get you a camper as quickly as possible.


If you did not have insurance, apply here for the opportunity to be gifted the USE of a camper through the LSN Foundation.

Campers will become available in mid to late October.


What we do

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Fraud Alert
After a disaster, scam artists, identity thieves, and other criminals often attempt to take advantage of disaster survivors. We encourage survivors to watch for and report any suspicious activity.